Thank You

325 days since picking up my packet (Note – also, not a packet-it’s a 3-inch binder).

Thank you just is not enough!

Thank you for posting and sharing. Thank you for displaying a yard sign. Thank you for distributing yard signs. Thank you for redistributing yard signs. Thank you for sharing your energy. Thank you for wise counsel. Thank you for having my back. Thank you for reminding me to breathe. Thank you for the smiles behind the masks. Thank for the tea and coffee. Thank you for poll greeting. And then poll greeting again! Thank you for taking the high road, especially when it was not the easiest path. Thank you for block walking. Thank you for calling and texting your friends and neighbors to remind them to vote. Thank you for repping our campaign with car magnets. Thank you for celebrating and commiserating with me. Thank you for your generous donations that provided the needed resources for my campaign. Thank you for contributing videos. Thank you for pulling together those videos to create magic. Thank you for the video interview and making magic with those. Thank you for helping manage my social media. Thank you for taking lots of pics. Thank you for putting up the good fight during a school board election combined with a national election. Thank you for enduring a runoff campaign.
Thank you to my Tribe and Team Coley. Thank you for amazing campaign marketing and messaging that resonated with voters. Thank you for the support of teachers and retired teachers – it means so much coming for you.

Thank you to Jenny Haas for coordinating volunteers.

Thank you to Michelle Hudak for always being all in.

Thank you to Doug and Jorge for running with this first-time campaigner.

Thank you to Valerie Kunert for being my campaign treasurer.

We have created something truly special and powerful in the last 325 days.

I am so incredibly grateful to my family for enduring this long campaign and always believing in me. And for my dad-and his dad – who made me an advocate for public education.

Finally, thank each and every one of you for your vote!!! It means more than I can ever express. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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