Tracie Dieterich Papadakis:

I don’t usually comment on people running for School Board, but I am today! Coley Canter is an amazing person who is the epitome of who we need serving on our GCISD School Board!!! She has been involved in so many different capacities in our school district–from PTA Boards and committees at all levels, to booster clubs, to all of her selfless philanthropy to help the students of our entire district! She has a servant’s heart and there isn’t a person out there that could say anything detrimental about her. She is also a positive, hard-working, smart, well informed, kind, and caring mom, wife, and friend. Please vote for Coley for GCISD Board of Trustees, Place 5. She will be an exceptional addition to our School Board!!!

Shawna Voss:

I am behind Coley Canter 100%! She has a servants heart for anything and everything in GCISD. She leads by example and she guides with dedication and love for our students, staff and families who make GCISD what it is. I cannot say enough about her positive, “can do” attitude. We are all the better for having her in our schools, I can’t wait to see what she can help accomplish on our School Board!

Kim Gensheimer:

I’m proud to support my good friend Coley Lowe Canter in her run for GCISD School Board Trustee. I met Coley nearly 12 years ago when our kids were in the same kindergarten class. In the years since then, I have volunteered countless times alongside her and have served on various committees and PTA executive boards of all levels with her. She does not just talk the talk. She cares about our district and every child in it, as evidenced by her actions time and time again. There is no one more qualified to serve the students, families and staff of our district.

Mindy Russell:

GCISD friends, please take a moment to look at Coley’s FB page. I had the privilege of watching her in action when I served on the GHS PTSA executive committee for 2yrs as well as when our daughters have been in plays together. She is an energizer bunny and I seriously don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face. She is smart, hardworking and has a true servant’s heart. I know without a doubt that she will serve our district and our students well. If you don’t know her I would invite you to take a moment and get to know her and what she stands for. I promise you will be glad you did. I’m excited to vote for Coley in May!

Julie Lee:

Endorsing people is new to me…but, this lady is a beautiful friend inside and out that will do ANYTHING to better the lives of those around her. She will do AMAZING things for GCISD! So proud to have your sign in my yard, Coley Lowe Canter! The sky is the limit! I am so happy to have Coley be the 1st person I have endorsed.

This is a game changer for GCISD! I have known Coley for a long time and have watched her do so many things to make a difference in so many kids’ lives. I am totally behind this woman, and I am so excited for her, for our kids, my coworkers, and our district.

Yes….100% dedicated to the GCISD community from the kids on up. There is no one like Coley to bring enthusiasm and ideas that are growth minded and best for the students. When she enters your surroundings, things are always better!

Jenny Haas:

Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. #coleycanterforplace5 #ibelieve

Michelle Hudak:

I am honored to call Coley Lowe Canter my friend. She is an amazing mother, wife, advocate for children and our schools. Coley has volunteered in pretty much every capacity in GCISD schools out of the goodness of her heart and support for our teachers, students, and district. She has also brought her talents and skills to the business world for many years. She brings SO much to the table. Please consider voting for Coley for GCISD Board of Trustees, Place 5.

Tisha Ghormley:

Coley has my vote! You’ve served so well, my friend. Thank you for being willing to take this step forward to continue serving our students and families in GCISD.

Samantha Conner:

I am so excited that my friend Coley Lowe Canter is running for election to GCISD’s Board of Trustees- Place 5. Coley has always been an advocate for all kids, a supporter of all teachers, and knows how to get things done for our schools. Election Day is May 2. Vote for Coley!

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